Tito’s Vodka Made Limited Edition Gift Bags for Year of the Dog

Tito’s, the universally beloved “Vodka for Dog People,” is commemorating the Chinese Year of the Dog with a limited edition, dog-themed bottle bag. If there’s a better way to carry around your vodka, it hasn’t been invented yet.

“We are honored to mark this centuries-old tradition and, given its significance for us this year, are particularly delighted by the enthusiastic response by customers around the world,” Tito’s international managing director John McDonnell said in a statement, according to Frontier Magazine.

Tito’s connection with dogs started in 1997 when founder Tito Beveridge took note of how many stray dogs were hanging around his new distillery. He’s been helping them ever since by regularly donating to pet charities and starting a charitable product line of dog shirts, dog collars, dog toys and doggy water bowls. The company even has a Dog Blog and Pawty Tunes playlist on Spotify. As 2018 is the Year of the Dog on the zodiac calendar, adding a dog bottle bag to the product list only feels right.

Other companies like Johnnie Walker, Macallan and Suntory are also commemorating the Chinese New Year with special releases. Tito’s, however, is the only one that’s making something affordable (no extra cost here) and reusable, making the Texas vodka an easy drink of choice for those born in the Year of the Dog.

There’s only one downside. It’s only available in duty free stores. Excuse us while we book an international flight.