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Trader Joe’s Canned Wine Is the Best Thing Since Two Buck Chuck

Two Buck Chuck is no longer the best wine deal at Trader Joe’s. The eternally popular budget bottles have been surpassed by the budget-friendly grocery’s newest offering: four-packs of sparkling canned wine for just $4. The six-ounce cans, labeled Simpler Wines, are the ultimate in no-frills, no-fuss summer drinking. Heads up, 40-oz rosé—you’ve got some stiff competition for official beverage of summer.

The TJ’s team worked in conjunction with Italian suppliers to provide a legitimately palatable canned wine. Like other obsession-worthy products lining the store’s shelves, the sparklers are easy on the wallet, easy on the eyes—nothing says summer like pastel packaging—and easy on the palate. The wine comes in two varieties of bubbly joy: Simpler Wines White, which the grocer’s site characterizes as having “notes of juicy honeydew and fresh cut herbs,” and Simpler Wines Rosé, which fizzes up with “elegant, mineral notes and red fruit flavors.”

As TJ’s site points out, the cans are prepackaged for al fresco summer events like beach trips and barbecues, while the smaller portions make the cans perfect for topping off wine-tails when you don’t want to pop a full bottle.

For now, Simpler Wines are only available at one New York store—the Trader Joe’s Wine Shop in Union Square, Manhattan—but if good New Yorkers do their part and show their interest in bubbly summer fun in a can, TJ’s may well expand the affordable party across the country.