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Trader Joe’s Has a New Organic Screw-Top Wine

Go ahead and forget the corkscrew on your next picnic because Trader Joe’s has a new organic budget wine with a twist-off cap. But this isn’t your average screw top—it’s a cork screw top. If that sounds like a typo, bear with us because your man Charles Shaw (of Two Buck Chuck fame) is onto something. The enclosure is called the Helix Cork, and it’s designed to give you the aesthetic and pop of a cork with the ease and convenience of a screw cap.

The Helix Cork is a cork designed to twist into, out of, and back into a wine bottle. The cork has threads on it that match threads in the neck of the wine bottle like a screw top does, and there’s a top cork portion like the one on a bottle of bubbly that you can grab onto easily. When reclosed, the cork creates an airtight barrier, preserving your bottle for later. Game. Changer. Now you can have your spontaneous on-the-go TJ’s wine without having to buy a corkscrew that you’re probably going to lose the next day.

These tops aren’t going on your everyday Two Buck Chuck, though. The new wine is made with organic grapes from California, and there’s currently a Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and rosé available. Of course, there’s a catch. It comes at double the cost of Trader Joe’s more established product. But when double the cost means $4, we think you can live a little.