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This Dating App Revealed What You Should Never Order on a First Date

First dates can be weird—take it from the bartenders who have seen them all. Now, between all of the normal worries like dressing appropriately and not saying something awkward, you also have to think about your drink order, according to a survey by a dating app called Trueview.

The survey found that if you do nothing else, make sure you don’t order a shot on the first date. More than 25 percent of people found it the most unattractive drink someone could order, giving you a one in four chance of sinking a first impression right off the bat. After that order, the worst was a pint of beer or cider. Things you should consider ordering? Wine, cocktails and Highballs.

Trueview is a dating app based in the U.K. that bills itself as an alternative to the shallow profiles on other dating apps. While it’s based across the pond, the 1,000-person survey had some similar findings as Supercall’s own questioning of first date drinking faux pas.

Be true to yourself and order what you want, just do it within reason. Trueview found that 14 percent would judge a date by a drink, and 45 percent said they “wouldn’t be able to see past the drinks choice,” the Manchester Evening News reports. Men are the worst offenders, and are 42 percent more likely to be put off by what a partner orders. Predictably, people had strong thoughts about dates who got too drunk (22 percent said five drinks is too many) or dates who didn’t drink at all (12 percent said that’s suspicious).

“We all like to go out and get drunk with our mates, but it seems we apply slightly different standards when it comes to meeting up with someone we might end up in a relationship with,” Trueview founder Matt Verity said, according to Manchester Evening News. “It looks like the key is to order just a couple of drinks, avoid shots and cider, and try to relax and enjoy yourself.”