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Uber Wine Offers the Most Affordable Custom Winery Tour Around

California wine country is the France of America. Wineries in the state’s many award-winning regions are close enough to hit a couple in one day, yet spread out enough to feel like you’re in the remote countryside. The only downside is that you need to enlist a friend as the designated driver to watch as you and the rest of your crew have all the fun. Enter UberWINE, the saving grace of every envious DD.

UberWINE is just like any other ride you’d hire off the app, but instead of dropping you off at the bars, it’s escorting you on a private winery tour. We live in an endlessly customizable, experience-driven world. UberWINE (and UberWINEXL for those with plenty of friends) is making California winery tours as personalized as your overly specific Seamless order. It’s cheaper than a personal chauffeur and more inclusive than drawing straws to see which friend doesn’t get to partake in the tastings.

Uber has been running wine tours in select regions since 2015, but it’s never too late to join the party. First things first, you’ll have to make it to California because the service isn’t available anywhere else. Then swipe to the left of the regular Uber options and request a WINE or WINEXL to pair with a driver. You can leave your stuff in the car, and when it’s time to hit the next spot, simply call or text that you’re ready. Choose the next winery, and you’re off. According to Uber, the base fare starts at $1.61, plus $1.31 per mile and 29 cents a minute.

UberWINE is currently available in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Napa, Sonoma and Valle de Guadalupe, according to Travel & Leisure. Go ahead and plan your next California trip around this service and make summer 2018 the season that you treat yo self within your budget.