You Can Finally Buy Unicorn Tears Gin in the U.S.


Intoxicating mythical tears from the shores of England are coming to America at long last. Firebox, a U.K. retailer, has been selling internet-friendly and cheekily packaged Mermaid Tears vodka, Unicorn Tears gin liqueur and Phoenix Tears spiced rum to satisfy drinkers’ need for whimsy for the past couple years. But thanks to distribution laws, they have only been available to drinkers in the U.K. and Europe. Until now.

Firebox will bring its “Mythical Tears” line of alcohol to the U.S., according to The Spirits Business. The brand landed in Las Vegas for a wholesale conference, and is searching for a distribution partner to stock its tears in liquor stores from the Pacific to the Atlantic. Because while plenty of alcohol brands are finding consumers by telling stories about family history and quality ingredients, sometimes people just want a bottle with a unicorn on it.

“We feel that in Unicorn Tears and the Mythical Tears range, we have something truly unique and original,” Kristian Bromley, the Managing director at Firebox, told The Spirits Business. “It’s the antithesis to the plethora of heritage and artisanal spirits brands all telling the same story. Ours is different. It’s a concept drink, it’s disruptive, giftable and it provides an innovative and shareable experience for the millennial drinker.”

If Americans are anything like U.K. and European drinkers, Bromley is right. Mythical Tears is the best-selling Firebox alcohol range since the company started 20 years ago. Guess that’s what happens when you sell a unicorn product in this unicorn obsessed era. Especially when it has a description that reads it’s made “using our free range Unicorn herd and closely-guarded extraction process.” No word yet if the unicorns are coming to the states as well.