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These Glasses Turn Your Martini Into a Rainbow

The days of the Unicorn Frappuccino may be behind us, but you can still transform your drink into a vibrant array of colors fit for any mythical beast with these incredible rainbow cocktail glasses.

Urban Outfitters is selling a set of coupe glasses with a translucent rainbow pattern at the bottom that will make clear liquids appear rainbow hued. The glasses are available for $40 for a set of two, and you can buy them online here—no need to catch a leprechaun or anything.

Though the promotional images show the glasses filled with Champagne, coupes are much more suitable for something stiffer like a Martini or Daiquiri. Though, if you went ahead and poured a little rosé into the rainbow glasses, Instagram might just explode.

These glasses would make an excellent gift for the discerning drinker who knows a coupe glass is far superior to a Martini glass but also appreciates a little extra dazzle in their drinks. Or, of course, you could buy it for yourself, alongside other quirky Urban Outfitters drinkware like seashell sippy cups and pineapple tumblers. Taste the rainbow (but, like, really).