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This Tequila Brand Is Rescuing Dogs With Every Bottle You Buy


Next time you grab a bottle of tequila, consider choosing one that gives back to dogs in need. Tequila brand Viva XXXII, founded by Yvonne Niami, donates 10 percent of the profits from every bottle sold to animal abuse prevention organizations.

For Niami, it all started with stray dogs in Mexico. She was raised in Los Angeles but often traveled south to visit family, where she saw a lot of homeless canines. Then, when visiting as an adult, she took action to do something about the problem. She picked up a hurt dog that had been abandoned after he was used for dog fighting. A local vet in Mexico helped patch up the pup, who Niami named Ransom, and arranged for the paperwork to get him across the border. Ransom found a home with a family in Sherman Oaks, California, shortly after. That experience, Niami told Los Angeles Magazine, was what inspired her to help dogs in need.

Viva XXXII sells a joven, a reposado aged in American oak for six months and an extra añejo that’s aged for three years. The joven and reposado sell for around $40, and the extra añejo sells for around $100.

“The process if very hands-on at our distillery in Tequila, Mexico,” Niami told Los Angeles Magazine. “The people are so kind and hospitable,” she said, adding that she was embraced despite it being unusual for a woman to launch a tequila distillery. “I think being Mexican, speaking the language fluently and my passion behind it helped them welcome me into the business.”

Donating to dogs is just as important for Niami’s other company, the clothing brand n:Philanthropy. Ten-percent of profits from n:Philanthropy go to the ASPCA, the Children’s Hospital LA and local animal charities. Niami’s company joins a healthy list of other liquor brands that donate money to animal charities like Tito’s Vodka and Amarula Cream.

The operation is much larger scale now than when Niami rescued that first dog, but the commitment to animals hasn’t changed. On the bottom corner of every Viva XXXII bottle is an image of a dog named Phil. The little guy serves as a reminder that you helped out a doggo in need with your tequila purchase.