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Vodka Ice Cream Is the New Frozen Treat You Need Now

Arctic Buzz / instagram

There used to be two things you’d find in almost everyone’s freezer: vodka and ice cream. But thanks to a new line of vodka-spiked ice cream from frozen dessert wizards Arctic Buzz, our ice boxes are entirely devoted to storing just one frozen treat. The Baltimore-based company worked with a local distillery to design six custom flavors for boozy sugar fiends. Key Lime Pie clocks in at 8.6 percent alcohol; Cookies and Cream, Raspberry, Vanilla and Chocolate all come in at 8.7 percent; and Coconut tops the group at 8.9 percent. (Who knew coconut went that hard?)

Spiked ice cream isn’t a novel idea. Arctic Buzz is riding the icy coattails of companies like Tipsy Scoop that have made a splash in the category with more extravagant flavors like Maple Bacon Bourbon and Birthday Cake Martini. But Arctic Buzz’s close relationship with their liquor source helps ensure quality, meaning you’ll taste sweet ice cream and not harsh booze.

The 100-milliliter containers are currently available at liquor stores across Maryland. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t ship to other states, so you’ll have to take a road trip to get your hands on the boozy ice cream. Be right back, we’re packing our car with the biggest cooler we can find.