This Vending Machine Will Sell You Weed and Booze

Finally, there’s a one stop shop for alcohol, weed and munchies. A new vending machine dispenses all of the above—but you’ll need more than just a few quarters to retrieve them.

The smart vending machine, pioneered by cannabis tech company American Green, uses biometric technology to ensure that the person buying the goods is of age. The customer first registers by scanning his or her fingers in the machine’s biometric scanner to build an image of their veins and vascular architecture (it’s much more accurate than a simple fingerprint). They then supply an ID, address and email, which are checked by both the machine and a human.

The customer can then purchase whatever age-sensitive items they want with just a finger scan and some cash. Thanks to the biometric technology, vendors are free to stock the machine with whatever they want, whether that be alcohol or weed (or both!), as well as standard snacks.

 “The biometric we use is something the military uses to authorize people to walk through gates all around the world,” company consultant Stephen Shearin told Metro US.

 The machines cost around $20,000, as well as $500 a month for repairs and updates, so you shouldn’t expect to find these machines on every corner nationwide. But 22 machines are already built, with three more popping up in Alaska and California next week. Fingers crossed one is coming soon to an office breakroom near you.