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Weight Watchers Is Making Diet Wine

Who says you need to cut out drinking to lose weight? Not Weight Watchers, that’s for sure. The diet company recently released their own low-cal wine, so you can stay on track while staying on brand.

Right now there’s only one bottle on offer: a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc called Cense, which is made by the same company that makes both Trader Joe’s wine and Target’s wine. Each serving comes in at just 3 SmartPoints—which comes out to about 85 calories, for those of you not living that SmartPoints life. An ordinary glass of Sauvignon Blanc has approximately 120 calories.

According to Vinepair, the wine took two years to create. “To develop Cense, we leveraged an innovative technology that captures the compounds that make up the flavor and aroma of a wine, holding them aside while removing excessive alcohol,” said Phil Hurst, the CEO of Truett-Hurst, the company behind Cense. “This process allows us to reduce both calories and SmartPoints per serving without compromising on taste or bouquet.”

Essentially, they’re taking alcohol out of the wine to save on calories. So while your glass of Cense may be about 35 calories less than a glass of non-diet Sauvignon Blanc, it’s also about 2% less boozy. If that sounds like a fine deal to you, head over to Cense’s website to pick up a bottle for $15. And if Sauvignon Blanc isn’t your jam, just wait. According to Wine Spectator, the next wine up for the low-cal treatment is rosé.