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Welsh Bar Changes Its Name to “Pokémon Arms”

The Pokémon GO craze has officially reached a fever pitch in the bar world. First, Pokémon started showing up in bars, then bars began using the app as a marketing ploy, and now one  Welsh pub (formerly known as The Panton Arms) has been renamed The Pokémon Arms.

The bar’s landlord Ed Griffiths said the idea came from an influx of Pokémon GO players gathering across the street at a war memorial marked in the game as a Pokémon gym.

“We noticed kids had started hanging round outside, not causing trouble or anything but more and more of them were appearing,” Griffiths told Metro. “A friend suggested as a bit of a joke that we rename the pub The Pokémon Arms. We thought it would create a buzz.” And it has. Since the sign featuring Pikachu and the pub’s new name went up, Griffiths reports an increase in business.

The pub didn’t stop at changing its name. It’s also offering free Wi-Fi (for easy Pokémon hunting), as well as a 20 percent discount on food and drink to players who have captured 30 Pokémon or more—not a bad deal for those needing a drink after a battle gone bad.

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