Blue Wine Is Finally Coming to America

Gïk, the vibrantly blue wine that stormed Instagram and Spanish happy hours last summer, is finally crossing the Atlantic. Too bad it won’t be here in time to complete our red, white and blue wine flag for the Fourth of July. It’s available for pre-order now, but the wine won’t complete its oceanic voyage until October.

The wine is a mix of red and white grape varieties. We know what you’re saying, red and white doesn’t make blue—you sure you know your color wheel! The blue color doesn’t come from blending varietals, but rather from indigo and anthocyanin pigments found in grape skins. According to Today, the wine is also sweetened with a “non-caloric sweetener.”

While it probably won’t win any competitions (in fact, blind tasters couldn’t even tell it was wine), it will win you some serious cred—both on Insta and with your real life friends. On the website, the #youngwildandfree winemakers make it clear that they did not intend to make a traditionally award-winning wine, but rather push the boundaries of the beverage. “We are not vintners. We are creators,” they write. The Spanish Wine Federation agree on that point, and recently demanded that the company remove the term “wine” from its label because the beverage does not fall within one of the predetermined categories of wine.

If you’re not already running to pre-order a bottle, know it’s just $16 a pop. And if that’s still not enough, the co-founders have a few inspirational words for you on their website: “Drinking Gïk is not just about drinking blue wine; you are drinking innovation. You are drinking creation.”