Fireball in a Box Hits the Markets

Everyone’s favorite (well, some people’s favorite) cinnamon whiskey just got a lot easier to buy in bulk, just in time for holiday parties. After a limited release in January 2016, the 3.5-liter box of Fireball, known as “Firebox,” is back and available nationwide. Now thirsty Fireball-obsessives can tap two 1.75-liter pouches of the sweet and spicy liquor straight from the box, without having to deal with pesky, breakable glass bottles.

The text on the box recommends mixing the Fireball with Coke or 7-Up, or in signature drinks like Dragonade (one part Fireball to three parts lemonade) or Angry Balls (1 shot Fireball dropped into 1 pint of Angry Orchard Hard Apple Cider). We prefer to splash the whiskey into autumnal cocktails, like this Bourbon Pumpkin Punch. Of course, the classic way to prepare a Fireball beverage is to simply pour it into a shot glass and propel it down your gullet.

If a box of the cinnamon whisky liqueur isn’t appealing to you, you can always try mixing up your own version by combining whiskey with cinnamon syrup, or try this bourbon and Becherovka-based Fireball-inspired shot instead. We promise the DIY remixes still make for excellent Shotski fodder.