Boxed Vodka is the New Boxed Wine

The country collectively lost their minds when Fireball released their uber-popular cinnamon-flavored whiskey in a box, and now boxed vodka is trying to get in on the easily dispensable action. Griffon Vault Vodka, a five-times distilled vodka, is packaged in a 1-liter box with an easy-pour tap to keep the drinks flowing all night long.

Griffon began releasing the boxed vodka in 2015 and it’s currently available at more than 1,500 retailers in seven Midwestern states and Pennsylvania. At $15.99 for a 1-liter box, Griffon is priced as a well vodka.

Eric Clappier, co-founder of Griffon Brands, told Bloomberg that he has been guerilla marketing the product, converting people one by one at liquor stores around the country. The company’s target markets are women who are already fans of boxed wine, and eco-conscious millennials.

The company is seeking to reduce the carbon footprint left by the liquor industry by packaging their vodka in 100-percent recycled materials. The box is fully collapsible when empty to reduce the amount of landfill waste.

Aside from its eco-friendly appeal, the boxed spirit is convenient and durable. It’s hearty enough to survive the great outdoors and can be packed for beach parties, camping and picnics. However, as Ben O’Donnell of Wine Spectator points out, straight vodka is not often drank in these environments, so people would still have to pack plenty of mixers.

Boxed vodka may instead find success at house parties and colleges, where people care less about quality and more about large quantities of affordable, easily dispensable alcohol. Regardless of where and if it eventually finds a home, it will be interesting to see if the boxed spirits trend continues—it would certainly up the stakes of slapping the bag.