Whisky Nightcaps Are the Secret to Long Life

Doctors may recommend a healthy diet and daily exercise, but a routine nightcap seems to be equally effective for promoting long term health. Grace Jones (not that Grace Jones), who celebrated her 110th birthday this past Friday, credits her longevity to her nightly glass of Famous Grouse. We wrote of Jones’ particular elixir of life way back when she was a spry 109-years-old, and it seems persistence has paid off for the birthday girl.

According to The Drinks Business, Jones didn’t start her bedtime routine until she turned 50, making her a relative late bloomer among supercentenarian drinkers. Her doctor is fully supportive of her nightcap.

Since Jones is the 10th oldest person in the U.K., she receives birthday cards every year from the Queen—“This year’s was a very nice one,” she said of the royal birthday wishes. Though we’re not quite royalty, we’d like to send our good wishes your way too, Grace, and raise a glass of scotch to your health.