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White House Staffers Are Icing Each Other in the Office

Official government buildings were filled with a bunch of bros icing bros in January, according to a new report by The Washington Post. To celebrate a government employee’s 30th birthday, staff members in the Presidential Personnel Office (PPO) threw back to the early 2000s and stocked up on Smirnoff Ice.

Not fake news. The White House confirmed that people were being iced, and referred to happy hours as a way for staffers to network. Networking for the PPO apparently also includes chugging on one knee. The PPO is responsible for recruiting and vetting political appointees, and the Post writes that it’s currently a “refuge for young campaign workers” who helped President Donald Trump run for office.

The “networking” in question was done in the Eisenhower Office Building, which is adjacent to the White House and houses a “majority of offices for White House staff.” The building was completed in 1888 and is described by the the official White House website as “an impressive building that commands a unique position in both our national history and architectural heritage.” No word yet if an addendum will be added that honors the building’s unique position in our national history of chugging malt beverages.

After all, nothing screams networking like asking Jimmy to grab an FBI background check out of your desk, but instead of a folder there’s a Smirnoff Ice, right? In terms of drinking games, they could have done better. But hey, you only turn 30 while vetting the future rulers of the U.S. once.