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Whole Foods Is Having a Massive Wine Sale This Weekend

Whole Foods just gave us yet another reason to love summer: This weekend only, the grocer is breaking its “whole paycheck” reputation by offering an amazing sale on its line of Sommelier Selects wine. As if a three-day budget wine bonanza wasn’t enough, WF even announced a special sale on 1.5L magnum bottles of rosé. We can’t be mad at such clear internet pandering when the booze flows so freely—er, relatively cheaply, at least.

According to a press release, Whole Foods is knocking 20 percent off its usual prices, with wines selling between $8 and $20 for 750-ml bottles. There are also canned wines—the workhorse of outdoor summer drinking—as well as cheapo sparkling wines and a bevy of chillable reds to beat the heat. Along with the sale this weekend, Whole Foods also announced plans for a new seasonal Sommelier Selects list come winter, so the market may become a year-round resource for budget winos.

The store seems to have learned a few budget tricks from their (probably) soon-to-be new owner, Amazon, which has been making an incredible push into buzzy booze this year by launching its own wine line, expanding one-hour delivery to Alexa, and announcing brick and mortar booze sales at its forthcoming Amazon Go shops. Who says you can’t teach an old brand new tricks?