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Hoppy Beer Is (Relatively) Good for Your Liver

IPA drinkers, rejoice—the hops in your beer are saving your livers. New research suggests that the hops in extra-hoppy beer help minimize liver damage, compared to hop-free beers or straight alcohol.

According to Munchies, researchers at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, Germany, bought a few rounds for some lab mice, giving each group a different type of beer, straight ethanol or a neutral solution. After all the mice were sufficiently boozed, scientists found the group that imbibed the hoppy beer showed less accumulated fat on their livers after 12 hours than their rodent barmates.

The findings, published in the Oxford journal of Alcohol and Alcoholism, may prove promising enough to secure further testing on humans (though, we hope they serve something a bit more palatable than pure ethanol). But until we know for sure, better just play it safe anyway and opt for a hop-forward IPA in your next Boilermaker or Micheleda.