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Protect Yourself From Bad Wine With Wine Condoms

After a long night, you shouldn’t feel ashamed to leave half a bottle of wine in the fridge for another day, but finding your leftovers rancid upon your return is one of the most disheartening experiences known to vino lovers. You could simply commit to the last drop every time you pop a cork—or you could invest in a pack of Wine Condoms.

Sold in six-packs for $14 on Amazon, the rubber covers stretch over the open neck of a bottle to keep that Cabernet way fresher than if you just stuffed the cork back in. After a successful Kickstarter back in 2014, the handy wine protector went on sale to the general public last year and immediately sold out due to high demand. But now Wine Condoms are available once again, ready to help protect your precious leftovers.

The plastic covers won’t disintegrate into your wine like an old cork can. Plus, a condom-protected bottle is easier to store on a fridge shelf than one with a bulky bottle stopper, and the packets are easy to slip in your wallet should you be bringing a gift to a quickly sated dinner host. Think of them as your contribution to solving the food waste problem, or just the answer to your vinegar nightmares.

So be responsible, and invest in protection against spoiled wine. Then use up the rest of those leftover bottles in some wine cocktails