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This Woman Chugged Beer Out of a Fish. Please Don’t Be Like Her.

At the time of writing this, more than 1 million people have watched the video. Lynn’s internet fame seems to have changed her mind about how awful it truly was, as she told her local CBS station that “the experience wasn’t that bad.” And she’s not the only one. As Munchies points out, there are plenty of cases of people willingly posting videos of themselves chugging beer from dead fish. Ted Haggard’s Salmon Bong is one disturbing example from 2011, and players on the Tennessee Titans chugged beer from a catfish in the middle of a Nashville Predators hockey game earlier this year.

You might want to sit down for this, but Americans aren’t even the only ones doing this. Drinking beer from fish was “the latest booze craze in Australia” in 2015, according to The Daily Mail.

If you notice one thing about all these other ichthyological beer chugs, they’re all men. Which is perhaps why Lynn ended her CBS interview with the statement that she “hopes to see more women do it in the future.” As of July 26, Lynn has memorialized her source of viral fame in her Facebook profile picture, where she proudly holds her #slamminsalmon high.

Chugging beer through a beer bong can really get the party started. Using a dead fish as a beer bong can apparently make you internet famous. Case in point: Aimee Lynn, a woman from Port Washington, Wisconsin, who did just that and posted it on Facebook with the hashtag #slamminsalmon.

Wearing sunglasses, she kneels down like she’s just been Iced by a bro. Lynn puts the top half of the salmon’s mouth into her mouth, sort of like how an awkward teen might when trying to figure out how to make out with a human for the first time. The fish is upside down, so the bottom half of its mouth jams into her sunglasses. Someone counts down and loudly trills, signaling the two people holding the fish (it’s a big fish) to tilt the tail end up. Beer rushes out of its mouth and onto Ms. Lynn while a single fish eye stares dead at the camera. Some of the beer makes it into her mouth over the course of the nine second pour, though most spills. Finally it’s over, ending with Lynn proclaiming, “that was awful.” We agree.