Wu-Tang Clan Is Coming out with Their Own Vodka

Wu-Tang Clan turns 25 this year, and they’re celebrating with the launch of Wu-Tang Clan Vodka. On April 18 in Sydney, Australia, Jay Sean, Timomatic and other musicians will gather for a vodka release concert that will bring the ruckus.

This is the second time that the Wu-Tang Clan has put their name on a spirit. In 2017, Wu-Tang Clan Premium Liqueurs launched in Australia with four flavors: Original, Strawberry/Lime, Butterscotch and C.R.E.A.M., which is named after their 1993 hit by the same name. Those didn’t receive the best reception, with one music writer saying he caught whiffs of “nail polish remover mixed with paint thinner, with a hint of bathtub grappa thrown in for good measure.” Perhaps the vodka will be better. After all, celebrities have a history of success with their own vodka brands, not so much with liqueurs.

American Wu-Tang fans may never get the chance to try it though. Like the liqueurs, Wu-Tang Vodka will be sold exclusively down under. Let the Aussies have a taste test, then maybe bring it to the states with a rebrand and a new name. If the Wu-Tang Name Generator is a reliable source of inspiration, it suggests this gem: “Wu-Tang Clan Vodka from this day forward you will also be known as Arrogant Madman.”

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