Huge sandos from an ex-DJ in Nob Hill

The best opportunities come from simply knowing the right people -- if Mike "Brownie" Brown didn't know Dubya, he'd probably still be measuring horse wangs, instead of showing what he could really do at FEMA. Networking his way into the sandwich game, the dude who runs Bite

When the owner of 912 Sutter St asked his neighbor if he knew anyone up to the task of running a streetside sandwich shop, the neighbor was like, duh, my DJ buddy who makes the best sandos ever, and a few months later this breezy little blue-awninged, outdoor seat-bedecked sando n' more joint was born (it's a boy!). Fat specialty meat-wiches range from the Gotti on sourdough (with mortadella, salami, ham, provolone...), to the Dutch crunch-bound Gouda Good (Gouda, chicken, pepperhouse sauce...), to the Day After Thanksgiving on French, with turkey, cranberry, swiss, and the guilty feeling that you may have told your 2nd cousin to go ef himself. But there's so much more: spit-roasted chicken (half or whole) comes with your choice of chili, slaw, etc, while hot sausages come with whatever fixings you want (e.g., relish, kraut, roasted peppers, etc), and range from brats, to garlic franks, to "The Atomic", because, international regulations or not, you're dropping The Bomb

Rounding out Bite's grub's a list of typical salads which're served huge, like Cobbs, Nicoises, and Greeks. No word yet on desserts, but if they're thinking about going that route, you can't go wrong with Brownies. They're huge.