Flashy cut-and-sew gear in the Tendernob

If you're a little guy who wants to step up to varsity, you really have to go all out, with tireless conditioning, constant skill work, and once that inevitably fails, having your mom call the coach...ahem...Davey Sutterfield. For a streetwear label putting in its own work, check Invisible Stripes.INVS, the talented little hoodie n' tee operation that once ran game out on San Jose Ave, is taking it to the next level not only with a small-but-flashy, hardwood-floored storefront in the burgeoning Tendernob, but a classily dope line of proprietary cut and sew goods that's dropping right now, like a no-longer-undescended testicle. Said cut/sew begins with a plush bomber-style jacket in ridiculously soft n' shiny sheep leather, with red satin lining and embossed wingtip detailing on the chest/back, and a wool varsity jacket with a double-rolled shawl collar/cuffs, arms made of lustrous napa hide, and leather-covered snap buttons, which to date have compiled 18 volumes on just how fat yo mamma is. While oxford button-downs and henleys are releasing within the month, also beefed up is INVS's tee collection, with new designs like "Thieves in the Night" (a couple of human skeletons riding a couple of horse skeletons), and a Goya-inspired rendering of the Roman god Saturn devouring his son, which may seem harsh, but dude was told by an oracle that a mighty son would overthrow him and eventually rule the Cosmos, and well, what was he supposed to do, not eat him?? Rounding out the shop's inventory's a healthy selection of off-brand gear by Insight, Imperium, Endless Ammo, and Obey, also what Coach McDonald made Davey's mom do in his office after hours just so Davey could ride the bench all season. Was it worth it Davey? Huh?!