A new private jet charter service that won't leave you broke

Flying private's undeniably awesome, but prohibitive costs have long left it a luxury available only to the likes of rock stars, and actors who starred in the Rock. Yeah, we're talking about you, John C McGinley! Bringing private jetting into your stratosphere: WannaJet.

A freshly launched private jet sharing service claiming to be the first non-membership outfit to offer fixed-cost seats at comparable business class rates, WJ's the brainchild of a former GE exec looking to bring hassle-free air travel to the just-rich-enough-to-think-they're-better-than-everyone-else. Launching with 60+ domestic routes, simply provide your destination & dates and they'll create an itinerary with a fixed final price (a guarantee not offered by any other private jet company) and open the flight up for others to join; if the minimum four seats are booked (max is six) within 72 hrs of departure they'll confirm the trip and charge your account, but if not they'll still offer to book you on a comparably priced commercial flight, suggesting the best backup option is just sending customers back into the situation they were trying to avoid in the first place. Loyal fliers can earn rewards from cash back to free trips, and amenities on all flights are personalized, ensuring the cabin's stocked with your favorite newspapers & magazines, the music is up to snuff, and the meals are fit to your dietary needs, which on private jets tends to be less gustatory than gout-statory.

If you're into all-in-one packages, they'll help you book "convenient transportation options" (i.e., limos) to and from your flight, plus hotel accommodations, all at no extra cost, though as McGinley would be quick to point out worrying about additional charges is for Scrubs!