Drink while getting a trim

Published On 05/15/2008 Published On 05/15/2008

You don't have to spend a lot of money to ensure quality -- whether you're talking alcohol, hair cuts, or alcohol and hair cuts. Get trimmed and buzzed at Igor's Clean Cuts.Master of the $12 coif, Igor's is run by...Igor, a veteran Neighborhood Barber stylist and former Soviet anti-aircraft gunner who from '89-'91 protected Moscow from the Blackhawk, and its bourgeois payload, the Fauxhawk.

Now commissar of his own East Village shop, Igor's unleashing a sweet summer deal: a $12 job in any style (close crop, just a little off the sides, even a lame but pious tonsure), plus free, ice-cold PBRs from his cooler, on the first three Saturdays of the month -- but not the 4th, because 25% of the time, Igor's Jewish all the time. If he deems your liver up to Russian standards, he'll also treat you to gratis frozen vodka, guaranteeing that you arrive handsome and jolly at your post-cut picnic, or handsome and willing to watch Stargate Atlantis on your post-cut sofa.

For a bit extra (but also including free beer), Igor offers hot towel face shaves, and, for the posteriorly hirsute, back shaves -- because even if you don't spend a lot for it, not being a man-bear will always pay big dividends.



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