The newest course in your NY hotel education

It's important to educate yourself on the hotels in your own city. You never know when you'll be faced with obnoxious out-of-town guests or apartment renovations; and if you're just out of prison, a luxury suite sure beats that 6th floor walkup in Queens where your personal trainer's dealer's cousin let you crash before selling you out to the cops. With that in mind, you absolutely need to know about Hotel QT, a new Andre Balazs (The Mercer, The Standard, etc.) boutique offering affordable partying and spa style pimping right off Times Square. Why is QT the spot? For starters, the lobby bar has a 24hr pool in it; and this pool has a swim up window for ordering alcohol. Check in, and you can also enjoy a true Manhattan rarity: a steam room and sauna free of hairy, sweating Eastern European men. Once you're completely relaxed, you can guzzle QT's reasonably priced (for a hotel, anyway) drinks 'til you forget you're not wearing a swimsuit.QT flies much lower under the radar than comparatively high-styled hotels like the Maritime or Gansevoort - and its flatscreen-equipped rooms start at an extremely Thrillist $125 a night. There's also a 25% discount for guests under 25 - an excellent excuse to spend your summer loitering in the JFK arrivals terminal looking for incoming fashion merchandising interns.Now that we've armed you with this invaluable information, you should call every available girl you know and introduce them to your semiprivate Midtown paradise. Then seduce them with a line you haven't uttered since Rudy cleared the streets of prostitutes: "What happens in Times Square, stays in Times Square."