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A no-nonsense taco stand with peso-like prices

Thrillist respects a no-nonsense taco stand: authentic food, sidewalk seating and, if possible, a man reeking of tequila passed out on the curb for atmosphere. Unfortunately, getting a great taco in Manhattan generally means shelling out $50 for a full meal at an unnecessarily upscale restaurant. Or at least it did, until The Corner Deli opened its doors on Kenmare last Sunday.

The set-up is perfectly basic: a narrow, open-kitchen luncheonette, with inside/outside counters facing one another, running along the front window. If you're broke but still hungry, you can always procure a few more tacos by making throat-slashing gestures to whoever's eating at the opposite counter

The outstanding $3 tacos -- served individually -- are the real deal. The basic ingredients are those you'd find in any divey border state establishment: chicken and steak, sure, but also shredded pork, chorizo and beef tongue -- the substance Thrillist will one day threaten our toddlers with for stealing Daddy's menthols. Soft corn tortillas are the norm, but if you've got a woman or manorexic with you, she can also have her meat wrapped in lettuce leaves

Currently, Corner Deli serves 12pm-12am, but they say they'll soon be 24/7. They've also opened a sit-down restaurant, Around the Corner, and are constructing a basement-level Mexican speakeasy which will boldly pour 100 kinds of tequila

This trifecta should be fully operational next month. At that point, you'll be able to use your a la carte taco savings to get ragingly drunk downstairs, then walk upstairs for a lifesaving 4am snack on your way out the door. With any luck, you'll then fall over and become the curbed, boozy degenerate that adds that last bit of authenticity to this already legit taqueria.