The British Isles meet Logan Square

Beer has long been associated with British cooking, mostly because so much of it was needed to eat any. Proving the sustenance can equal the suds, Owen & Engine.

Named partly for the owner's nephew and partly for the four cask engines pouring small-batch beers, O&E's a 60-seat Anglopub covered wall-to-wall in dark wood & leather and serving flavors from all corners of the Isles, from England, to Scotland, to Ireland, to Wales, chiefly known for their local specialty Sea Shepherd's Pie. Things kick off with smaller plates of rotating British-style housemade charcuterie (w/ beer mostarda & pickles), P.E.I. mussels with potatoes and chorizo (steamed in Allagash White), and stout-braised short rib pasties, which unlike regular pasties make exotic dancers even more delicious looking. Main highlights include fish 'n chips made w/ haddock flown in daily and served with malt vinegar aioli; a pork rasher/farm egg sandwich on a fresh baguette; and a Yorkshire pudding- and bourbon barrel-aged Worcestershire reduction-sided rib eye that's served bone in, an impressive feat considering all that bourbon.

Alongside the four cask brews are another 20 on tap and 50 by the bottle (British, Belgian and American craft), along with a liquor program emphasizing Irish Whiskey, Scotch, and gin, which has long helped turn Brits into Beefeaters.