Beer Menus

NYers benefit from a surfeit of dining resources -- MenuPages for menus, CheapAssFoods for salmonella -- but we're tragically deprived of the most critical info of all. Ensuring you're informed about what truly matters:

Developed by two brothers who've been homebrewing since pre-school (true), BM's a meticulously-organized index of 1200+ beers, each conveniently cross-referenced with 150+ Manhattan bars that carry them, almost like a sudsy IMDB (Charlton Heston = Rogue Dead Guy Ale?). Attack consumption from every angle: select a 'hood to drill down to an establishment, or search a watering hole directly to view its beer menu, listed by cask/tap/bottle/can and sortable by name, price, or if you promised your girlfriend you'd only have two beers after work, ABV. Alternatively, search for a specific beer to find its GMap'd bar availability, serving size, and price, e.g., Castelain Blonde (5 bars, 12-25oz bottles, $10-$16), and Beamish Irish Stout, which can be had in a 16oz can for $7, but only in one bar (clearly, the luck o' the Irish was dibs'd by Guinness).

Because what you don't know keeps you sober, BM also lists beer-centric events, plus provides email updates on both specific bars and entire neighborhoods -- because after abusing this site, what truly, truly matters is a new bar, with O'Douls on tap.