Free Phone2Phone

Published On 10/05/2010 Published On 10/05/2010

Some people'll do anything to get something for free, from cutting coupons, to filling out incredibly long web surveys, to starring in Reality Bites, then going to the mall. Giving you a free way to harass friends and family, Free Phone2Phone

FP2P's a new, still-in-beta service allowing anyone with the password to make free calls in exchange for hearing a couple of ads, a service they describe as "not a VoIP company", and slightly confoundingly, "a cable channel accessed by phone", so hopefully you're really good at hearing scrambled Cine-boobs. To get your holler on, ring one of their local numbers around the country (to avoid long distance charges), listen to a 10-second ad, then dial your desired number for a free five minute call; it'll beep with 30 seconds left before it hangs up on you, keeping those calls to mom nice and short and really irking hostage negotiators. All calls must originate from the U.S., but they can be made to cell phones throughout Canada and Asia, plus landlines in major Central/South American cities, most of Europe, and a few former Soviet republics, though more are being Muldova

Ruthlessly putting the kibosh on awesome pranking, no matter which routing number you use, all calls will show your number, something Winona generally does when the cop asks her to hold the little sign up.