'Cue family resurrects g-dad's recipes

A man can learn great things from his grandfather, from the value of hard work, to the value of stuff that keeps things hard when you're his age, and still working it. Serving you delicious meats the same way granddad used to cook 'em, P. Red's B.B.QUE.

Utilizing the name and recipes of the owner's late gramps, P. Red's a slow-cookin' meat house with hand-carved wood Seminoles and a ringed "Duke's Room" full of John Wayne photos, plus model planes inside and a crashed jet outside on the roof; it's the second location of a spot in Cumming, but the owner says it was "a natural progression to move on down", making George Jefferson totally question his entire life-plan. Get fat with Brunswick stew, hand-pattied Angus burgers, and meats cooked at least half a day over hickory, including wings and jalapeno-cheddar-breaded sammies stuffed with pulled chicken/pork, sliced beef brisket, or even a slab of three ribs -- not enough to make you fat, but also not enough to Cher. Chewing continues with dinners sided with two veggies (e.g. red beans & rice, collards, sweet potato souffle), including generous slabs of ribs, chicken tenders, half chickens, or brisket-/chicken-/pork-stuffed potatoes that're twice-baked, so it's safe to assume they're also couch potatoes.

As soon as the Man allows, they'll be serving a mix of craft & domestic bottles; in the meantime there're fountain drinks & sweet tea, plus desserts like Ms. Jenny's Fried Peach Pie. You can also buy everything from half-pints to gallons of Red's 95-year-old BBQ Sauce, which they say "speaks for itself", which unfortunately, is the hardest thing of all for grandpa these days.