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Beer and sausage together in Wicker Park

Some pairings are perfect fits, like peanut butter & jelly, or Ramen noodles & an inability to develop a scholarly argument for how non-Euclidean geometry can predict trends in sexting. For another great match, hit up Bangers & Lace.Taking its name from the dynamic duo of sausage and beer, Bangers & Lace -- the latter half's a term for the foam left behind during brew-downing -- appropriately places its man's man menu in a hunting lodge-esque setting with cedar walls, a wood-burning stove, and, of course, a deer's head -- so even if you strike out you know someone got mounted. Menu-wise, sausage standouts include a Sheboygan veal brat (melted gouda, sauerkraut, black currants, beer mustard), a venison dog with whiskey-apple jam/ smoked pecans/ sour cream, and a lamb merguez with crispy chickpeas/green harissa/almonds served on olive oil flatbread, which is super self-conscious about its lack of buns. Because sausage is that awesome, they're also working it into bar bites like Irish bangers/ egg/ spinach/ Hollandaise sliders served on mini English muffins, pastry-wrapped Louisiana hot links w/ hot sauce & sour cream, and malt vinegar kicked bacon-wrapped Cleveland kielbasa skewers (as if Cleveland hasn't been stabbed in the sausage enough already).Since you were promised beer, they hired a certified cicerone (beer sommelier) to oversee their program of 30 international draft beers, including a pair of cask ales that're hand-pumped, an activity that usually just leaves you craving ramen.