Food & Drink

Sapphire Pool

Between the pressure to buy dances and the fear that maybe you just accidentally bought one, strip clubs can sometimes make you wish you were just floating serenely in a pool. Surrounded by strippers. Welcome to Sapphire Pool. SP's an aquatic partnership between the same-named strip club and the Rio, wherein the Sapph's 6000+ dancers are enticed with free cover/drinks/food to hang out topless and casually converse with pool guests -- no money's exchanged for their breasty personal time, and there are no lapdances, just flirty suggestions that maybe you should hit the club later for a lapdance. Kept private by a bamboo fence and tropical foliage, the area's got two jacuzzis, three waterfalls, round daybeds, and luxed-up cabanas; bikini-&-sarong-clad waitresses are also provided by Sapphire, as are the DJs ("Put your swimmies together for Gemini!"). To smooth out your conversational skills, hit the mojito bar, where an attendant'll custom muddle a traditional, or, if you too aspire to panty-stuff singles for a living, a variation like watermelon, guava, or raspberry.If you happen to be at the Sapphire, you can re-up your entrance fee for pool admittance. If you're at another hotel, Sapphire'll send over a free limo/bus to transport you to the pool; there's a cover, but it includes a good-for-whenever pass to the Sapph -- because between fear of sunburn, and the barely concealable pressure in your shorts, you might just wish you were at a strip club.