Published On 11/01/2010 Published On 11/01/2010

They often say that one cool thing deserves another, which is why it's so surprising no one has greenlit Cool as Ice 2: To the Extremer. Does no one in this world want to be rich??? For epic sound systems featuring two things that'd totally be approved by Robert Van Winkle, hit BoomCase.

Created by a Sac-town-born dude-trepreneur who grew up on a farm and clearly had a lot of time on his hands, BoomCase is a 007-worthy suitcase-turned-boombox that embeds 30-, 50- and 200-watt speaker systems into awesomely vintage found luggage, all of which was, at one point, probably used by former Saint/Packer /Bear/Viking /Patriot/Panther /Lion/49er /Bengal/Charger J.T. O'Sullivan. Every BoomCase is completely portable, hooks up to any music-playing device with a headphone jack (MP3 player, iPhone, computer, etc.), and runs on batteries that're recharged via a built-in USB port and last anywhere from 9-12 hours, just like you in that one dream where Oprah was really impressed with your stamina. And because they're all custom made for the buyer, he'll even do special setups like an RCA output so you can rock a turntable or a 1/4 inch jack to hook up your guitar, which is awesome unless it's set at expert and that stupid orange button comes into play.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the $300-$400 case're sealed so you won't accidentally destroy the speaker setup when you're trying to stuff it with girls that are hot wearing less than bikinis.



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