The Roxbury Motel

Girls can't get enough of the upstate B&B filled with rustic tchotchkes, table doilies, and the faint aroma of moldering retiree -- but a man's ideal weekend getaway's managed via the business end of a remote. Get the best of both worlds at the newly upgraded Roxbury Motel

Formerly a quaint and probably quite boring establishment, this Catskills spot has just remodeled its rooms based on 60s-70s TV shows, from the 'fro-topped justice of The Mod Squad to the psychotically cheerful psychedelia of The Partridge Family. The flat screen/wi-fi equipped rooms include these latest/greatest additions:

Fred's Lair (The Flintstones): A moderned-up version of the 'stone's boulder-tastic suburban home, with faux-rock walls, a pebble-stone shower, and a bedspread made of seven kinds of fake fur -- basically, all that's missing is a toilet pelican into whose gaping mouth you can poo Brontosaurus burgers.

George's Spacepad (The Jetsons): This campy suite features "futuristic" furniture, Daughter-Judy-inspired metallic wallpaper, and a red 'chromatherapy' bathtub right in the living room. Sleeps six...or two and a bevy of robot slaves

Genie's Bottle (I Dream of Jeannie): This harem-ish suite's highlight is also a tub, 70-gallons built into a perfectly hemispherical, base-of-Jeannie's-bottle bathroom, complete with wall-mounted flat screen. After your legs numb out, you'll pray for Larry Hagman to rub the doorknob and transport you into a life of merry servitude and exposed midriff

As for Catskills outdoorsiness, the Rox is striking distance from golf, fishing, and skiing -- where you can zip past doily-eyed men turned zombie-like by motels unintentionally themed after Mama's Family.