Even easier than EasyMac

The truly sophisticated can make even the banal seem cosmopolitan, the first step of which is always knowing how to pronounce "banal". For commonly awesome grub from a polished chef, check out CapMac.

Helmed by a cuisin-artist who trained at Bourbon Steak and under a Beard-winning chef in Boston, CapMac's dishing out gourmet mac n' cheese from an 18ft truck that's plastered with orange/yellow decals of flowing macaroni, the likely result of serious yankee doodling. The signature dish is done up stove-top Southern style with sharp cheddar/ roasted red peppers/ smoked paprika/ sweet onion/ a touch of Dijon, and finally topped with a crumbled, baked-together combo of breadcrumbs/ cheddar / Cheeze-It's dubbed "cheese frico", though not cheese Frito, as that would totally part with the chip's proud tradition of tasting like cardboard. Non mac-enthusiasts can feast on intriguingly hybrid ground Chicken Parm Meatballs with tomato/creamy provolone sauce, or whole wheat White Bean & Broccoli Pasta in a creamy parsnip/celery puree, and post-fatten with a risotto-based rice pudding topped with seasonal fruits, which you should expect to taste like itself, especially if it's snozzberry season.

To wash it all down, they've got house-made sodas, and other flavored drinks like Cardamom Ginger Ale and Fennel Lemonade, a mature twist which differs from the classic -- big deal, unless you're totally banal-retentive.