Suck & Blow

Crossing the line from party to orgy takes more than just liquor -- it also requires creative icebreaking, without which you'll just end up with vomit in your bathtub. Skip the obvious body shots and ignite skeevy chemistry with Suck & Blows

These innovative Jello shot tubes were developed by a guy named Doug Hamer during his summers stoking romance/illegal nudity on the South Carolina coast. Essentially a gelatin shot trapped in open-ended plastic tubing, the S&Bs necessitate two people sucking/blowing in tandem to forcibly eject the load. The tube's only six inches long, so should the already hyper-suggestive operational requirements be coupled with fateful, close-up eye contact, it's only a matter of time before someone's madly fumbling to release a different cylinder o' fun. Recognizing that shooter addicts may not be the most industrious bunch, Hamer recently branched out from selling DIY kits to distributing SABs in conveniently pre-mixed/poured/gelled capped tubes flavored with cherry, wild berry, orange, and the gleefully confusing ''Bomb''. So when you hit the liquor store for a 50-pack, just wait 'til you're home before busting out these racy shots -- or risk locking lips with a clerk named "Bruce" on a clonking bed of schnapps bottles.