Even before the shameful advent of metrosexuality, pube pruning was a staple of the pre-date ritual. But clumsy electric clippers miss some thickets, and scissors are too deadly to go slashing through the hedges. Well, furbag, meet your new best friend: the Balltrimmer. The BT doesn't pretend to be anything more than what it is: a compact electric razor specifically designed to shear the wrinkly contours of your peach basket with gentle efficiency. It's lightweight, and about the size of a pencil, so it'll fit in your shaving kit, back pocket, or tucked jauntily behind your ear. The BT only requires one AAA battery (already included), so you won't get stuck with muffed-out junk just because you can't find an outlet.At just under $20, the Balltrimmer is affordable enough that we suggest buying in bulk. Keep one handy at the gym, the office, your girlfriend's house, your travel bag, even the glove compartment of your van, and you'll be confident enough to take your pants off anytime you want.