New York


New York cab fares are the Crying Game of travel: you get a nasty surprise, you're out a few bills, and your intrepid wanderlust gives way to pitiable mewling. Helping to let you know what you're in for: TaxiWiz.TaxiWiz is a free Google Maps mashup that offsets the hassles of public transportation (the public, the transportation) by calculating your fare ahead of time. Enter your starting point and destination and the Wiz'll spit back the quickest route, probable cost, and distance in miles. Besides NYC, the site provides intel for six other major cities -- LA, SF, Boston, Chi-town, Toronto and Vegas -- so whether you're going to Wrigley Field or the Spearmint Rhino, you'll know you'll have enough post-fare cash to get the job done. If you're already on the go, you can access TW on your cell phone, allowing you to keep one eye on your cabbie's route and another on what you hope isn't a shocking plot twist hiding under your date's mini-skirt.

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