Amsterdam HQ

Young American men hit Amsterdam for one reason: the beautiful canals. But if you and your deviant friends insist on enjoying the other things the city has to offer, check into Amsterdam HQ

Ideal for bachelor parties and other group-oriented recklessness, HQ is a fully furnished, 6-bedroom apartment building situated near the infamous Red Light District in lovely Nieuwmarkt Square -- home to the finest coffeehouses you'll never drink coffee in. Unlike other rentable Euro apartments, this is more than just a bombed-out high-rise furnished with blow-up cots and splash mats. Amenities include

Entertainment Technology: High-speed wireless internet, DVD/Stereo in every room, and Sony PS2 systems w/games -- essential bait for bringing home gorgeous Dutch women who get aroused by The Sims

Personalized Food Arsenal: Call ahead, and HQ will pre-stock your fridge with the essentials: microwave burritos, Twinkies, beer, tiny individually-wrapped prostitutes, etc

Smoke Facilitation Devices: The HQ downright bullies you into THC-induced delirium, with shelves filled with clay pipes, and a bar stocked with bongs. Pieces thoughtfully placed in alcoves off the stairwell ensure you'll be able to wake-and-bake, even if you fell asleep on the stairs

For just under $900 a night, renting out the whole HQ makes much more sense than a stuffy hotel or Birkenstock-infested hostel. Stay there, and you won't regret it -- especially when you need a glorious place to hide from clog-wielding Dutchmen after unwittingly vomiting Space Cakes on Anne Frank's house.