To secure a unique wardrobe, many New York men have taken up designing and sewing their own outfits. Or not. Instead, just shop at a store other guys won't be able to find: newly-opened Concrete, near Union Square. Open Concrete's door, and all you'll see's a long (concrete) hallway -- you'll think someone's playing a joke, or luring you into a hell of bound ankles and unwanted love. Walk to the end and you'll find a 300 sq ft closet of a store: the inventory's street and skate, but even men who are neither'll find great gear, including denim, hoodies, and sneaker brands carried by few-or-no other NYC outlets. Tees range from the inoffensive Diamond line (comes with a mix-CD from Cypress Hill's DJ Muggs) to "Hostage" -- depicting a criminal holding a gun to a woman's head, its minimalist cool is outweighed only by its tendency to make women/law enforcement despise you. While most items here're perfectly wearable, you might find a few too street (e.g., "The Dirty Warhol", a pop art Ol' Dirty Bastard hoodie), and others too "skate" (e.g., the skateboards). Then again, take the latter fashion risks and you'll look distinctive enough that you can reserve your stitching abilities for more pressing matters, like head-wounds.