Like a tiny island nation that can only export phosphates, many smaller designers exhibit a range that's severely limited by their capability. For a small company that's going in so many directions it no longer knows where it is, check out LOLA

Based out of New York, LOLA's theme is themelessness: a happily disconnected line of polos, hoodies, and tees influenced by such iconic touchstones as seafaring, gangsta rap, and youth sports. The goods

  • Polos: Each color of these combed-cotton/poly four-buttons gets a different embroidered insignia (a white "L", a pink crucifix, a nautical steering wheel); all three models are severely distressed, as regardless of insignia, they're staring down a terrifying future of collar-poppings.
  • Hoodies: Two options here: a black-on-slightly-less-black zip-up featuring a repeating print of the LOLA anchor, or a soccer-balled "Lola Park Community Club" pullover -- evocative of the shirt they give that homeless guy who cleans the rec center.
  • Tees: The What About Bob? homage "Don't Hassle Me, I'm Lola" shirt'll have you taking baby steps toward wearing pink; the black "Caviar en Cocaine" number promises a new, more excitable era in hors d'oeuvres.

  • The highlight of the collection's an "Eazy-E" tee, in regular and an "easy access, baby" v-neck -- because what shows range better than a shirt that features Compton's degenerate patriarch, while displaying your your perfectly manicured man-thatch.



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