Emerald Rose Boutique

Shopping at Barneys usually ends with you angrily wondering how a graphic t-shirt could possibly cost $100 when the spliff that facilitated its creation was only worth $5. Gear up without the markup at Emerald Rose, just opened in the LES. ERB purveys distinct-but-wearable fashion from up-and-coming designers, at prices significantly lower than those of designers who have already up-and-came. Despite being not-big, the store stocks everything you need, save whimsical penis-socks: Graphic tees/headgear: The $40 tees're of the softest cotton, while ERB's trucker hats are adorned with original artwork so fearsome and anarchic, you'll forget how much Ashton Kutcher made you hate truckersure to elicit comments###tamponmouth.jpg### like, "Are you Rick James, bitch?" In the near future, ERB'll expand their inventory, notably with GSUS' resin-treated jeans line. Amazingly, the resin's of the Amsterdam variety -- so you can start creating your own inspired t-shirt designs, as soon as you smoke your pants.