Food & Drink

Seasonal eats from a Michelin-starred chef

Thanks to its bounty of soap stores, theme diners, and mimes, the Third Street Promenade has become synonymous with quiet authenticity. Adding a little Spanish to the dizzying equation: Bar Pintxo, opening tomorrow.

From the Michelin-starred chef behind Venice mainstay Joe's, Pintxo's a walk-in-only tapas sleeve so tiny, the Health Department's assigned it a max capacity of 30 (Joe claims 50'll fit -- hopefully that'll be his only beef with the Health Dept.). The seasonal chalk-board menu'll feature up to 15 bite-sized plates (Bacon-wrapped Dates stuffed w/ Cabralas Cheese, Dungeness Crab enrobed in Smoked Salmon, mas) and 5 hot offerings, like Seafood Paella and Tortilla Espanol, so named to distinguish it from that other famous dish, Tortilla Guam. The all-Spanish drink list boasts 50+ wines and three beers: Estrella Galicia, Alhambra, and Alhambra Dark -- apparently America isn't ready for Alhambra Ultra.

Augmenting the limited indoor seating are a pair of outdoor two-tops -- close enough to the main drag to smell the Skittle-iciousness of pink glycerin bars, but far enough that you won't feel guilty for ignoring that quiet, white-faced man in his invisible prison.