DDC Shorts

Though you'd rather die than wear the calf-kissing shorts/pants hybrid known as "shants", regular shorts can be so dull, you'd almost consider wearing...shants. Don't sink that low: liven up your midsection with DDC Lab. NYC-based, DDC's gained a reputation not just for their aesthetics, but also for their incorporation of cutting-edge fashion technology (the only technology standing between you and flaming shirtsleeves). Using topnotch materials like cotton from Italy, silk from Turkey, and Rayon from "Science", they've created these four just-above-the-knee shorts styles:

  • Freedom Print: Featuring a soaring bird on the left thigh, these 100% cotton jobs are specially treated for water repellence.
  • Gingham Plaid: Designed to retain appearance after multiple wears, though ironically, not specially treated for water repellence.
  • Chintz Finish Linen: Cut from a static-free linen blend, their drapability causes them to lie sensuously across your body, like a drunk on a bench.
  • Gaberdine: Two-ply cotton adds strength without weight -- so durable, they'll last you 'til your legs are too hideous for shorts of any kind.
The best place to grab the above is at DDC's Meatpacking District store. After visiting, you can abandon all thoughts of shants, though not the adventurous spirit that led you to consider wearing them -- because at heart, you'll remain a merry shantleman indeed.