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Ponies at the Playwright

Recently, the City announced plans to put wagering kiosks in sports bars around NYC, saving casual gamblers from getting mugged by serious gamblers. Since this plan probably won't be implemented by Saturday, watch the Belmont at the Playwright Irish Pub.

PW's the only Manhattan bar with OTB-sanctioned, on-premise wagering, serviced by a two-person window up front and, for those ashamed to expose their addiction to fellow humans, electronic kiosks in back. The bar doesn't take a cut of your winnings, though they more than make up for that with the scotch you buy to anesthetize your losings. The OTB will, however, skim a little off your take -- 5% for standard win/place/show bets, 7% for exotic wagers like pick-3s, and 100% for the near-impossible "Winning horse's jockey abducted by aliens mid-race, horse loses on technicality"

Of course, all this is meaningless if you're watching on a flickering 1973 Zenith, but fortunately PW boasts 55 flat screens -- most of which'll be on the race, some of which'll be on NY1's coverage of convicts being perp-walked out of OTBs.