Searching for the perfect statement t-shirt can lead you down a rabbit hole of 420 slogans and SILF ("sandwich I'd like to f***") propaganda. Instead, customize your apparel-borne dialogue with a Reactee shirt

Though they're fun for all, Reactee shirts were originally designed for performers (DJs, musicians, mimes) looking to share gig info, and protesters organizing anti-Starbucks riots. How it works: choose a graphic for your shirt, and a phrase ("Buy Me a Beer!"; "Screw the Manatees!"). Then select a code word passersby may text to 41411 (Reactee's number) -- like a "how's my driving" sticker slapped on a guy with a suspended license. Finally, decide on a message texters'll receive, so that once you're publicly rocking your Reactee, you may enjoy the following pas a deux

  • Someone sees/digs your message and texts your codeword to 41411, indicating that they too loathe the tyranny of pants.
  • Said texter will receive your predetermined SMS response, suggesting a place to buy bespoke loin cloths.
  • You then get a text from Reactee informing you that someone was into your message, complete with their number -- opening the door for stimulating conversation/stimulating paternity suits.
  • To give Reactee a test drive, check out their gallery, where you can text messages to "live" shirts -- and hopefully you'll get a text back from that erotic meatball sub you've had your eye on.