Fame Game

Incredibly bored at work? Captivated by New York celebrity culture? Incredibly bored at work? Then kill some self-declared downtime with FameGame. FameGame rates New Yorkers' notoriety based on an "Attention Metric"*, extrapolated from "industry parties, blogs, select media institutions, and people they've been pictured with" -- meaning a photo op with Forrest Whitaker (47.5%) could trump the Times profiling your Nuts4Nuts-cart empire. The point of the Metric's to let you compare the relative popularity of society's cream, from Sean Combs (46.51%) on down to "Ambassador Blinken" (an understated 1.03%). It's also worth checking if you warrant a mention on the site, perhaps because Patrick McMullan once accidentally photographed you at a gala after mistaking you for Estelle Getty. If you actually want to learn more than percentage points, each profile also includes "Latest News" and "Organizations" sections, and a button for readers to submit additional info -- because nothing accelerates the workday like accusing the inexplicably relevant Jimmy Fallon (54.78%) of molesting you.
*FG's a work-in-progress, but ultimately plans on becoming the Wikipedia of NYC existence, thereby infinitely expanding your time-wasting possibilities