Sovereign Beck Ties

Every profession demands wardrobe conformity, whether you're an attorney forced into a suit, or a stripper temporarily forced into a rip-away cop uniform. If your job's more like the former, preserve a sliver of individuality with a tie from Sovereign Beck's just-unveiled 2007 collection. Handmade in NYC, SB's ties are conservatively cut from 100% silk, and patterned with designs ballsy enough to proclaim your independent-mindedness -- but not so ballsy as to declare your unwillingness to pleasure a mule for a promotion. Riskiness ranges from the restrained crisscrossing lines of "Overlap", to the high school biology-inspired "Rings" (which actually look like blood platelets), to "Beetles" (which make you look like you're covered in beetles). Each of the eight new versions is produced in limited quantities, so unlike when you started feathering your hair and wearing Jams, this time you won't be plagued by copycats.To further incorporate SB's style, you can get any of their patterns in a pocket square, or a bow tie -- a grandly nerdish statement in most offices, or a subtle flaunting of the dress code at Chippendales.